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Services or Offerings?
Request help with account issues including password help and login trouble.
Request an update for access to systems, including Delhi single sign-on, Banner, Argos, etc

Gain approval for your request or project that uses Campus Resources. Required for office moves, space upgrades, renovations, or physical changes, technology purchases or projects, etc.

Request one of these for an employee

Get help with an issue or request a change in
Argos • Banner • BroncoWeb • Degreeworks • Nelnet • Xtender • and more

Request to borrow equipment from the Help Desk. STAFF ONLY

Request tech support or training for an event.

Request a new share, permissions, storage increase. Issue with access, missing files/folders, etc.

Broken equipment, beeping, or other physical issues with devices.

Request a quote for a hardware purchase or budget line

Ask for assistance if something is broken or not working properly and you're not sure which service to choose.

Supervisors or Departments to request keys for an employee

Request assistance with authentication

Report an issue with your wi-fi or wired internet connection on campus.

Request an office or location update for an employee.