MFA - Modify your Default & Update Verification Methods


How to modify your default and update your authentication verification methods.



You have access to change, add, or remove your MFA verification methods in your Microsoft Account. 

You can also change your Default MFA method.  The default is used for non-Microsoft systems like SUNY.


Login to your Microsoft account with your full Delhi email using this link:

  • Default -  Change method by selecting Change (at top)
  • Add a new method by selecting Add sign-in method
  • Edit an existing method by selecting Change next to it
  • Remove an existing method by selecting Delete

Security info image showing where to click once you are on the page

You can choose between the following verification methods:

  • Phone
  • Office Phone
  • Alternate Phone
  • Authenticator app
  • Security Key

Additional Information:

See 'Related Articles' for other MFA options and information



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