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Changing your password will affect all systems that use Single Sign On (SSO).

Example: Email, Vancko Hall, BrightSpace/D2L, DegreeWorks, Time and Attendance, Banner, etc.

NOTE ⇒ Changed your password? Update it on mobile devices for Delhi-Secure (Campus Wi-Fi) and Email Apps.

If you don't you will continually get locked our of your account when on campus.


Forgot Password
Change Password & First Time Login

How To Change Your Password - On campus owned computer:

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys on your keyboard
  2. Select Change Password
  3. Enter current password, new password, and confirmation of new password
  4. Click to submit

Change Password (from anywhere) and First Time Login - with Password Reset Tool

  1. Visit this link:
  2. Enter your full email address, your most recent password, and your new password.

Register for Password Reset Tool

Additional Info/Resources: 

See Related Articles for additional information and tutorials.

Still having trouble? 

If you need assistance, or have forgotten your password and have not setup verification steps please call 607-746-4835 or click Submit Request button to enter a ticket.

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