MFA - Setting up Google Voice for Authentication


No cell phone?  No cell service?  Not on your campus computer (where you can use jabber)? Google Voice could be a good choice for MFA (Multi-factor Authentication). 

Note: You DO need a phone number to set this up to confirm a text, or receive a phone call. This can be any phone number you have access to when setting this up. (A campus phone cannot be used as it notes it's restricted.)

Note: SUNY Delhi does not directly support Google Voice but were happy to give these guidelines to help you.


Visit the 'Main Google Voice Page' for a general overview if you like, but the below will get you setup and working for MFA

Below is a tutorial that covers setting up your google voice number and goes through many settings and functions.

Feel free to watch it in its entirety, but here are the highlights for this use case:

  1. Setup account:
    1. At Minute 2 ( you will see the 'Enter a number to link' section, you can put a work, home, friend, any number (if you don't have a cell), and use the 'You can also verify by phone' that is in that window (to get a call if it is a landline).
    2. Watch until minute 5.
  2. Where you'd see texts (to see the MFA auth code):
FINAL STEP! Once you have your Google Voice number, head over to to add it as an authentication phone number!

Additional Info/Resources: 

See 'Related Articles' for other MFA options and information

This website may give additional visuals/directions that could be helpful if you get stuck at any point above:

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