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To monitor the emails from your primary mailbox and the shared mailbox at the same time, use this method. After you complete this task, the shared mailbox and its folders are displayed in the left navigation pane each time you open Outlook on the web.


  1. Go to www.delhi.edu, and click Webmail
  2. Right-click Folders in the left navigation pane, and then choose Add shared folder
  3. Type the name or email address of the shared mailbox. 
  4. Click Add

The shared mailbox will now display in your Folder list. You can expand or collapse the shared mailbox folders as you can with your primary mailbox.

Removing a Shared Folder
1. To remove a shared folder, right-click the shared mailbox, and click Remove shared folder.

Additional Information or Resources:

For additional features and How To's for Shared Mailboxes, ex: sending emails from, using the shared calendar, and automatic replies, visit here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/open-and-use-a-shared-mailbox-in-outlook-on-the-web-98b5a90d-4e38-415d-a030-f09a4cd28207


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