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Mobile printing is available in certain areas around campus. 
These instructions are for everyone with a valid Delhi ID or Print Pay Card - Students, Faculty, Staff, Clubs, Guests

NoteQuestions related to print points and/or ID cards should be directed to CADI 


  1. Visit
  2. Click MyDelhiStudent

Mobile User? Select the 3 bars on the top right corner and select MyDelhiStudent

  1. Click Bronco Print (left panel of page)

  1. For Select Your Branch, select the building you wish to print to
    NoteIf your browser uses your location, this field may already auto-populate. Ensure the correct building is selected
  2. Click Upload a Document 

  1. Enter your 800 number (OR the number on the Print Card you are using - ie: RA's, Guests, etc)
  2. Upload your document using one of the on-screen methods
  3. To print additional copies or front and back, select Additional Setting

  1. Click Submit
  2. Visit the printer location you chose, at the Swipe Release Station follow the on-screen instructions
    1. Generally, swipe your card, select your jobs, press 'Print'

Additional Info/Resources: 

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