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Many processes across campus rely on Banner and Argos processes, jobs and reports. Banner processes, also often called job submissions, are generally used to update data of some kind within the database. They generally include some form of output which could be considered a report.

Additionally, there are many reports that can be run from Banner and Argos that provide data to the campus to inform decisions; for reporting and assessment; and to enhance departments ability to fulfill their missions more effectively.

Common Issues:

  • My report keeps timing out or won't run
  • The job is not completing or is unsuccessful
  • Job Submission or Process is showing an error

Common Requests:

  • Our department needs a new report created
  • We need to edit, change, or update a report
  • I need to pull data from Banner, Argos, etc. 

Additional Resources and How to Request:

See Related Articles for common troubleshooting options.

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Service Offerings (2)

Enterprise Report Issue
Get help with a report, job, or process that will not run successfully.
Enterprise Report Request
Request a new report be created with specific criteria, or change an existing report, job, or process for your functional area.