Nursing DVR - Accessing from off campus


Nursing Faculty can access the DVR system from off campus using the following steps.

If you get any errors stating you don't have permissions please use the Submit Request button to request access


  1.  Visit from off campus
  2. Login using your SSO username and password (same as email)
    Note: Staff will need Multi Factor Authentication setup to access this virtual desktop
  3. Select General Staff
  4. Click on the tab on the left of your screen
  5. Then click on the three squares to send 'CTRL ALT Del'
  6. Once you are logged in double click on the exacqVision Client icon on the desktop
  7. Click 'New' under system list
  8. Input '' for hostname. Check the box for 'User Single Sign On' then click 'Apply'
  9. Click 'Ok' on this box and you should be all set!

    Note: When accessing the DVR system from off campus you still have to follow these steps each time you login to
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