Microsoft 365 Office for FREE


Microsoft 365 Office is available for FREE to currently enrolled students!


Available software for up to 5 devices:Images of office programs included


You must sign in with your school credentials.

If you have left the college, are retired, or don't have a license:

Our Microsoft contract only allows this access to the 5 installs for current students and some employees (most employees can use Office Online).

There is a great free alternative that you can install:

SUNY Delhi is not responsible for any content or programs affiliated with the libreoffice website

Additional Information:

Mac Users:  If you get an "Activate Office" Window pop up when trying to access Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, etc. on your Mac you likely need to remove an existing Microsoft license from your computer. Click HERE to see how. You may need to uninstall and reinstall Office 365 for changes to take effect. Click HERE for how to uninstall. Reinstall from the link above.

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