Full Disk Encryption - How to sync domain password


These instructions only apply to laptop users who have the Trend Micro Full Disk Encryption screen when you first boot your computer.

If you updated your domain password and have the Trend Micro Full Disk Encryption when you first boot your computer, the password may have to be manually synced

Example: At the Trend Micro Full Disk Encryption log in it states "You need to change your password", then when trying to update it states "You cannot change it while offline".


  1. Log in to Full Disk Encryption with your old password.

  2. You will be prompted to log in again at the Windows log in screen.  Enter your new password at this screen.

  3. Once logged in, open the CIS Toolbox folder on your desktop

  4. Double click on Sync Trend Password then input your user name and new password.

  5. Press Continue

Your new password should now be synced with your laptop.

Additional Resources: 

Unable to log in? Be sure your wireless is connected first.

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